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S-A Lace Von Rosa | Fire by KiwiSharku S-A Lace Von Rosa | Fire by KiwiSharku

[ General Identification ]

Name: Lace Von Rosa
Nickname[s]: Ribbon (Mother), Shorty (most students)

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: June 15

Species: Rabbit
Breed:  Dutch Dwarf

Element: Fire
Abilities: Shape shifts her fire into a cross bow.

[ School Statistics ]

Grade: 9th Grade

 Elemental History
Home Economics

Excelled Class: Literature

Extracurricular Activity: Anime + Manga Club and President of Archery Club

  [ Personal Information ]


Tsundre: She is kinda cold towards boys (That's her way of being brave towards them before she ends up stuttering.)

Shy: Stutters a lot to someone she just met and will possibly talk quietly...if your a really nice person.

Well focused: She is always paying attention in class or too when someone is having a conversation with her.

Well mannered: Always polite to adults and her friends.

Kind: Is really sweet once you get to know her.

History:  Born In Germany and raised in America, she is sent to Sanctuary Academy after discovering her powers in elementary school when she caused a small fire which lead to burning up a whole classroom forcing her to transfer to a different elementary. Her parents are kinda shocked on her abilities but still love her dearly and writes to them every month. Lace is still developing her powers but has managed to do well in archery and shape shift fire when she focuses hard enough. People often sometimes tease her for her shortness which irritates her a lot. She also plans on doing many activities to keep her occupied.

Likes: Good grades, Cute things like lolita and teddy bears, Tea, Archery, video games, Crepe, dancing and listening to all sorts of music from either Europe or Asia, writing stories and painting.

Dislikes: Failing grades, repeating herself, the color purple, arrogance, jerks, her bows or ear being pulled, horror movies, and oh god wax dolls they're creepy as hell!

Talents:  Writing stories, Archery, painting.

Flaws:  Stubborn, slightly clumsy and overconfident

[ Relationship Information ]

 Status: Single
 Orientation: Bisexual/ Bi curious
 Significant Other: None

 Current Attraction(s): None

 Family:   Annette, Raimund, and Richard

| Parents

* Mother- Annette Von Rosa - 37
* Father - Raimund Von Rosa- 43

| Siblings - Richard Von Rosa - 17 


Bullet; White Neutral/Uncertainty 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance 

Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend

Bullet; Yellow Crush/Attraction
Bullet; Orange Lust
Bullet; Pink Mate

Bullet; Red Discomfort/Dislike
Bullet; Black Despise

 Feelings [ Gender | Grade | Name ] - User

  [ Additional information ]
Lace is German so she has a strong accent, she is slightly clumsy with shaping fire but continues to practice, loves pink and red.
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Lobco Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Artist
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Lobco Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Artist
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